What is it?

Buutti Unicorns will provide you with the hidden gems among software developers. We will make the prototype of your software or complete program into a reality with quality and flexibility in mind.

With Buutti unicorns, you don’t have to be an expert in software development: we will provide you with technical consulting, which will help you prevent expensive and unnecessary repairs and corrections.

You, as a customer, will retain all rights to edit or expand the software in the future in any way you like. With us, you won’t have to worry about complicated contracts or getting yourself into a vendor lock-in.

Comprehensive automatic testing will be built into any software larger than a prototype, which will reduce any errors you might find in the future. This will also reduce the costs of your software’s development in the long run.


Buutti is known for high-quality software, demonstrated in the demanding and extensive projects we have delivered to our customers. We are trusted by clients in healthcare, ICT, and car manufacturing, with projects critical to their core functions.

Now, the same expertise is also available for startup companies. We will carry out your software project according to the same high standards that we have always had here at Buutti. With our code, you can easily improve your service, and there won’t be any nasty surprises or McGyver-like contraptions under the hood.

Peetu is also a part of Buutti’s management team.

How to get started?

Come tell us about your idea, we’ll go through it together, and plan the execution. We will also give you an evaluation of how much the execution will cost. To implement any changes or wishes into larger projects without complications, larger projects are billed by the hour.

Buutti will take care of executing the entire project, and keep you up to date in a way you see fit. The project will be taken care of with the customer in mind using modern Scrum methodology: you’ll receive a Minimum Viable Product – meaning a product that is suitable for the market as quickly as possible – for you to test and publish.

Contact us

Peetu Nuottajärvi

+358 50 465 0905