Emma1234 is a project originally conceived in the EduLab-training program at Oamk. It’s a story-based game about using social media directed at teenagers. The goal of the game is to find out which of the main character’s classmates is stalking her. The idea was so popular at the EduLab, that YLE got interested in it as well. YLE ended up financing the development, and Buutti was responsible for the entire development of the software. The project was programmed using React, and the execution of the project was similar to the development of a social media service. Some special features were made that enabled the player to progress in the game, as well as code that loaded the story and images required for the game. This enabled the designers of the game to create a sequel for YLE without the assistance of Buutti.

The employees that took part in the development of Emma1234 were Perttu, Fayjus, and Peetu, who led the project. The project was successful, and we received excellent feedback from YLE.

You can play Emma1234 on YLE’s website: https://yle.fi/aihe/emma1234


Medipesti is a new kind of recruiting platform for medical practicioners. Senior physician or another recruiter can use their own web interface to advertise their open positions. Afterwards medical students and physicians can browse through open positions and apply to them using a mobile application.

The system is implemented using React, Node and React Native. Developers responsible were Eero Salla and Peetu Nuottajärvi.


Buutti was responsible for continuing the development of the mobile game “Holomonsters”. Our responsibilities included building a fighting mode and a new leveling up system for the monsters. We also upgraded the monster rendering logic and built visual effects for the attacks.

The employees that took part in the project were Perttu, Timo and Peetu.

Diffo Solutions

Diffo Solutions Oy develops software designed to plan and follow profitability in the transport sector. The main product of the company, Diffo, is an online application for transport companies, which can be used to make validated decisions on their daily operations, increase business expertise and decrease manual labor. The software helps with calculating the cost structure and profitability of the vehicles and the planning of future operations. It also monitors the cost-effectiveness of both the machinery and operations in real-time.

Perttu and Joonas from Buutti have been responsible for the further development of the original software. The technologies used in the project are Vue and .NET. As the project progressed, Buutti Oy was impressed with Diffo’s business idea, and Buutti is now one of Diffo Solutions’ investors – and a proud shareholder.

Sharp Dis-Chord

Buutti employees Peetu Nuottajärvi and Rene Orosz have carried out two programming projects for Sharp Dis-Chord. The first project is a level editor for the mobile game Roll & Rock. Roll & Rock is a learning game meant for schools, in which students connect pictures and text that are related to each other. For example, in a game about geography, connecting a photo of the Eiffel tower, Paris and the French flag would be a correct answer. With the Roll & Rock editor, teachers can easily create new games for their pupils. The editor makes it possible to add images and text into the game easily, and lets the teacher pick the right answers. The game also includes the tools to monitor the success of the pupils in the game. 

The other project Buutti provided for Sharp Dis-Chord was Narrapix. The idea was conceived at the University of Eastern Finland in 2016. It was originally a board game called Arviointimaa, that was used as a self-assessment tool for schoolchildren. Buutti was responsible for the development of a digital version of the game for the normal schools of Joensuu and Oulu. In Narrapix, students move different symbols on an imaginary map, while also explaining the moves that they make. The software records the students’ movements and speech, which lets the teacher view the assessment later on. 

Both of these projects were created using React and Node.js.

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